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Issues Printing from DOS to LPT1

If you use older DOS applications – Such as dBaseIV – you may have run into the situation where you need to print to network printers by mimicking local printer ports using commands like:

Net Use LTP1 \\MyServer\Printer

You should now be able to send data to the printer from your applications using the LPT1 port. Alternatively, you can test directly from the command line using commands such as:

copy file.txt LPT1
type file.txt > LPT1
Echo “Testing 123” > LPT1

But what if you get ‘Access Denied’?

First, make sure you user has permissions to access the printer \\MyServer\Printer,
Second, making sure the firewall is allowing the connection,
Third, make sure you aren’t accidentally overriding a local LPT port. If LPT1 doesn’t work, try LPT2, LPT3, LPT4, etc.
Fourth, change the permissions on the C:\Windows\System32\Spool folder to allow the user or user group read/write permission.

I would have thought that the first item would have taken care of the fourth item, but on Windows2012, I can attest that was not the case.