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Bypass Windows Account Logon – Password Reset

If you are in the situation where you forgot the local account (Not Microsoft LiveID) password, there are several ways to reset the password. Most use a boot disk using Linux to access the SAM file are blank the password.
This method also uses a boot disk or recovery disk to access the command prompt.
Once at the command prompt, follow these step:

  1. Find the Windows\System32 folder (It likely won’t be C: in the recovery environment
  2. Rename UtilMan.exe to UtilMan.Old
  3. Copy cmd.exe to UtilMan.exe
  4. Reboot computer back to the normal Windows logon screen.
  5. Click the analog clock looking icon null– you may need to press Ctrl-Alt-Del or click the screen to see the icon.
  6. At the command prompt that appears, type Net user Name 1234 where Name = the account name to reset the password and 1234 is the password you want.
  7. You can now log in using the new password.