Configure Exchange to Use DBL Spam Blocking List

With any mail server, you need to manage spam. When I moved to Exchange server, I needed to figure out how to enable DBL blocking services.
I prefer the Barracuda Central DBL. You should register and provide them with you server IP’s before using this configuration.

Simply create the block list provider at the Exchange Powershell prompt. This can be easily modified for Spamhaus and other DBLs.

Add-IPBlockListProvider -Name “Barracuda IP Block List Provider” -LookupDomain -BitmaskMatch

You can test the block list by using a test against an IP or your choosing.

Test-IPBlockListProvider “Barracuda IP Block List Provider” -IPAddress

The test should respond as such:

Provider : Barracuda IP Block List Provider
ProviderResult : {}
Matched : True

If the ProviderResult = {}, then it means the IP is listed in the DBL: this means it is a spam IP address.
If the ProviderResult = {}, then the IP was not found in the DBL and is not a spam IP address.

For more information, visit Barracuda Central – How-To-Use

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