Stop Internet Explorer’s Vertical Scrollbar From Disappearing

Step 1: Create a file called “NoScrollBarHide.css”
Step 2: Enter this line into the file:
Step 3: Save file into a safe location like c:\users (not the desktop)
Step 4: Open the Control Panel
Step 5: Open Internet Options (You may need to change view from Categories)
Step 6: Click the Accessibility button at bottom of the General tab
Step 7: Check mark the option Format documents using my stylesheet
Step 8: Browse and select the file you saved in Step 3
Step 9: Click OK
Step 10: Click OK

One thought on “Stop Internet Explorer’s Vertical Scrollbar From Disappearing”

  1. This is GENIUS! Thank you so much for sharing this tip. My only suggestion would be to dumb it down a little by elaborating in the first step. I wasn’t entirely sure how to “create a file,” but I used Notepad, changing the extension from .txt to .css

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