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This is a beginning:

I intend to use this space as a clearing house for notes and links to information I have found useful.  Most will be computer related, some won’t.  I may not even make all entries public.  I may decide to take this information offline as my personal knowledge base.  I don’t want to put proprietary information online, but I also don’t want to have to maintain two separate systems.

I have thought about doing this for years.  I am not even sure it is worth the time or effort, but I am here, so I guess it must be.

I  normally write information down, take a picture of the paper, throw the paper away and then file the image in a folder within dropbox.  That is quick and useful to a point, but it eventually creates a huge folder of images which sometimes takes a considerable amount of time to look through.  I hope to take advantage of the search, category and tagging which I never did with the images.  I suppose it is the “garbage in, garbage out”.  If I take the time now, it may benefit me more later.

What to put in first?